Original Experience - $675: Great for dancers of all levels, this experience gives the recreational dancer space to flourish and the more advanced and competitive dancer the push they need to expand their talent.  Dancers will participate in a rehearsal at the end of each day to learn a piece to be performed as the closing number in our end of week in-studio showcase.  For an additional $75.00, dancers can also purchase the option to perform a solo from their repertoire.  This additional fee includes a free 10 minute session with a faculty member to get valuable feedback on their work before performing it in the showcase!.
Pre-Professional Experience - $825: This experience was designed for dancers with aspirations of pursuing a career as a performer in the entertainment industry.  They will attend a different seminar at the end of each day that will touch on different aspects of the industry. Acting Class Choral Ensemble Singing Audition Technique Rehearsal with a guest choreographer Mock Audition with real NYC Casting Director The mock audition takes place Friday morning prior to the showcase and they will learn the end section of the same choreography that the Original Experience dancers have been learning all week so they too can participate in the closing number.  This gives them a real sense of what professionals experience every day!  Learning quickly and then turning around and performing. They also get to perform a solo from their repertoire in the showcase which includes a 10 minute session with one of our faculty included in their tuition.
Aspiring Choreographers Experience - $825: We created this experience to give volume to the voice of the next generations of teachers and choreographers.  It is designed to provide structure and technique to the process of creating movement and organizing it into a complete piece of choreography.  Our budding choreographers then have the option of performing the work they created throughout the week in the showcase. They will also attend the mock audition Friday morning so that they can see what a professional audition should look like and so they can participate in our closing number!
Experience Descriptions and Pricing Below are descriptions of the three experiences dancers can choose from.  Every dancer receives a 2018 Summer Intensive T-shirt, MPower drawstring dance bag, goal journal and pen!  They will participate in our morning focus session and then take four classes every day including Ballet, Jazz/Contemporary, and Hip Hop.  The fourth class will vary daily in order to give a well rounded experience.  Previous genres have been tap, musical theater, partnering, Bollywood, Afro-Modern Fusion and more!  Please note, the prices listed below do not include early bird, group, family or scholarship discounts.